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  • SBX® Contacts

    Silver Plated Wire Contacts

  • SBX®350amp

    Touch Safe on Both Sides

    Up to 8 Last Mate – First Break Auxiliaries

    3 Housing Sizes for Optimal Fit

    Color-Coded Mechanical Keys

    Genderless Flat Wiping Technology

    • Best in Class Electrical Performance
    • Self-securing Design
    • UL Hot Swap Rated AC/DC


    • Mounting & Ease of Use
    • Strain Relief & Air Tube

    SBX®350 Housings The largest size of SBE®, X, O style housing. SBX® housings are molded from PC. SBE®320 and SBX®350 housings of the same Voltage Color Code cannot be mated. SBX®350 housings do not meet EN1175-1 requirements for industrial trucks.