3,4,5x32A / IP 44 – Panel Mount Socket Outlet (angled)

5x32A / IP 44 – Panel Mount Socket Outlet (angled)

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Clock position – 6h
Number of poles – 3,4,5
Amp – 16,32,63
Voltage – 200-380 V

  1. Plugs have round pins, arranged in a circle. The diameter of the protective earth pin is always 2 mm larger than the other pins.
  2. Position of the larger earth pin may vary between different types of plugs. The circle of pins can be regarded as a clock. A down facing earth pin (red plug) has a six o’clock (6h) position.
  3. IEC 60309 plug size vary according to number of pins (3, 4 or 5) and current (compare 5-pin 16A and 32A).
  4. Pin diameter of 16A is 5 mm (L and N), and 7 mm (earth pin). Pin length (L, N and PE) is 37 mm
  5. Sizes for 32A: pin diameter is 6 mm (L, N) and 8 mm (PE); pin length 45 mm (L, N and PE).
  6. Colour codes refer to IEC 60309 devices rated at >50 Volt. The colour code of sockets and appliance inlets is often restricted to the cover.
  7. Unless stated otherwise AC refers to both 50 and 60 Hz.

IEC 50309 devices have a protection grade of either IP44 or IP67.
IP44 splash-proof socket outlets and connector plugs have a spring loaded hinged cap. When a plug is inserted, the cap hooks over a lug on the plug and retains it in place.
IP67 waterproof outlets have a gasket and twist-lock ring which seals outlet and plug together.


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