The Alexander & Poole Intelligent Water Deionizer is a new generation water deionizer, capable of providing quality controlled deionized water. The Intelligent Water Deionizer (IWD) is simple to operate, yet allows for the intelligent assessment of the deionized water delivered. The Intelligent Water Deionizer (IWD) can display 6 levels of electrical conductivity. The conductivity of the deionized water is normalized at 18°C. This normalized temperature is a more realistic temperature than the industry standard of 25°C specification. The 5 liter easily replaceable cation / anion resin cartridge can provide up to 850 liter’s of deionized water.

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General specifications:

Lightweight, unitary PVV unit

Table mount or single expansion bolt wall mount

Battery powered

Screw type water tap connection with push-to-fit pipe coupler

Simple, push-to-fit inlet and outlet pipe couplers – no tools required

Pipe rating:         6bar

Height:                 730mm

Width:                  170mm

Weight:                3.2kg (empty)


Technical specifications:

Delivery:                                              180 litres per hour (restricted)

Indicator range:                                Three (3) colour LED indicator

1 to 100µS equivalent, normalised to 18°C

6 Display ranges

3 Application ranges

Enables a “Resin life remaining” assessment

Calibrated range simulates 5 ppm TDS

Check Calibration function:          Calibrated range simulates 5 ppm TDS which doubles up as a battery condition test. Battery life > 3 years, pending usage.

Test function:                                    Test the conductivity of the deionized water with > 1000 discrete levels

Test current:                                      Non polarising, high frequency AC current, which prevents electrode degeneration


Battery water top up

Industrial closed circuit cooling systems

Non-corrosive leak testing systems

Automotive cooling systems

Any application where pH 7.0 water is required

Any application where deionized water is required